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Not only it is as simple as
"Install > Connect > Control" but also retrofits your existing switch board without any re-wiring. To know more about the products,

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ZocketHub has its presence in more than
10 cities with more than 200 devices working hidden at the back of the wall serving comfort, safety and security to more than 300 users.


Now experience a free demo of the most affordable and feature rich HOME AUTOMATION solution at your door step. To know more,

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Our products are most affordable, intelligent and feature rich. They calmly slip behind your switch board and instantly makes your ordinary switch board smart and intelligent. Its smart capabilities and intelligence provides access and security to be controlled from anywhere in the world with a click on your mobile phone.

8-Node Module

8 Node module gives you the capability to automate 8 switches or control them from anywhere in the world.

4-Node Module

4 Node helps you schedule, control or set moods for 4 normal load appliances or 2 heavy load appliances of your choice.

Motion Detection Module

The motion sensor turns on your light as soon as you step in into your dark room.

Occupancy Check Module

Occupancy sensor will fit to your ceiling and will turn on the light when a person enters a dark room.


Surveillance is now easier with zockethub camera. Now track your surroundings live on your mobile with our all new camera.

Curtain Controller

Now you need not open or close the curtain every now and then. Schedule it once on your mobile and it works for you daily.


We provide cutting edge solutions for your sweet home at an affordable cost.

Geyser control

You can schedule your appliance usage like turning your geyser on before you go for shower and turning it off later. So that you need not worry about waking up early to switch on your geyser in the morning.

A.C & T.V control

Cool your room before you reach home from the office the way you like it. It’s just a click away right on your mobile.No need to search your T.V remote as it can be controlled from your mobile even in home or you office.

Curtain control

Close and open your curtain using your mobile you can even set the curtain to open and close at specific time such as opening in the morning and closing at night.

Motion controlled light at staircase

Never worry about switching on and off of staircase lght as they ar auromatically switched on and off. Each and every step on you staircase shall Enlighten your way saving energy.

Motion controlled light at Entrance

Never search for the switch at entrance when you reach you home at night since our system detect you and automatically swtich on the light for you.

Occupancy sensed light's in Washroom

Find whether your washroom is ocuppied or not our system sends a notification to you when a person occupy or vacate the washroom.


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